Introducing 2 New Additions! / by Jeff So

With ramen season slowly approaching, we introduced 2 new items to make sure your winter with Sansotei is a memorable one.

In September we partnered up with a Vancouver based chocolate company called FITZY.  We introduced their dark chocolate caramel bar to our menu.

We hope that this light and convienient 'to go' desert will help settle those sweet cravings after our savoury ramen.

Did we mention they are organic, vegan, peanut and gluten free?  A perfect 'to go' pick me up for everyone that we think meshes very well with the quick 'eat and go' culture of ramen.

After 2 weeks of introducing our new Miso Black Ramen, we can say that this is a permanent member to our ramen family.

Miso flavour is a staple in Japanese cuisine.  We reintroduced it with a twist.  With a combination of Tokyo and Sapporo style miso we expanded the flavour even more with roasted garlic oil just like our famous Tonkotsu Black.

Let's not forget the main feature of our Miso Black.  With over a year of planning and perfecting the prep and flavour, we finally introduced our Kakuni.  A tender slow cooked pork with a kick of spiciness.

Check out this video we made for our Miso Black!

With our North York location approaching in the new year along with a new dessert on the way, the end of 2016 is looking tasty.

We hope you enjoy our 2 additions at Sansotei!